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Benitochromis riomuniensis

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  • Benitochromis riomuniensis

    2ADEC5F2-B340-4FC5-BA8F-1A2583C121F1.jpeg Selling 6 individuals of this rare West African dwarf species.

    Benitochromis riomuniensis is a mouth-brooding species originating from Rio Muni basin, Cameroon. They prefer soft water with temperature around 23-26C. Adult size is around 8cm.

    In nature this species is endangered. My specimens are born in captivity. Juveniles are probably the first of their species born in Finland.

    In my experience this is somewhat aggressive species, and therefore is best maintained in a species only set up, or perhaps a biotope. A 100 litre tank is suitable for a pair, more space is needed if more individuals are kept together. (Approx. 50l per fish)

    Care is not a problem for anyone with some experience of aquarium keeping, these are undemanding fish. They will eat anything with a great appetite.

    The group includes a breeding pair and 4 juveniles, one of which seems to be a female, others are not trustfully sexable yet.

    I’m asking 20€ / fish or 100€ / whole group. Shipping to Nordic countries can be arranged via UPS or similar carrier.

    Please let me know if interested, I’m happy to answer any questions about this species. Given it’s endangered status and rarity in the hobby, I wish these fish will find a good home.

    Helsinki, Finland