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Idag i Fishroom 6/20/11 ~ Två Blå skönheter

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  • Idag i Fishroom 6/20/11 ~ Två Blå skönheter

    Here's a photo of F0 Paratheraps "coatzacoalcos". I have seven of these fish. This is the largest of three males at 8". The fish has bred a few times so far. Most dramatic is how much faster the male grew than the female (6"). I've heard that some people are offering this fish up as either P. zonatus or a variant of the same.

    Regardless, the fish is stunning. You can see the heavy bottom light. What I did was use one Nikon SB900 flash below...NOT diffused directly, but with a bendable reflector...forming the deflector into a U-shaped cone. This threw the light back up under the log creating the dramatic lighting on the fish and the log. On top of the tank is a single SB900 inside a graslon box diffuser...about a square foot of diffusing plastic.

    And here's one of my favorites, P. zonatus. It's easy to see how the two fish can be confused as the same or a variant. I photo the heck out of this fish and he never ceases to pose well for the camera. I used two flash units on this as well with the same diffusion technique. In most of my photos I try to evenly illuminate and accentuate different areas. Here I minimized some of the fin in the back.

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    Wow, both are beauties! You got great skills with the camera.
    När man är ute på djupt vatten är det klokt att hålla munnen stängd.


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      Thanks. I appreciate that.


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        Absolutely stunning fish!!
        Klart du ska vara medlem! Vi har ett växande medlemsantal och kommande år är jubileumsår, vi firar det väldigt gärna tillsammans med dig!

        Ordförande Nordiska Ciklidsällskapet


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          Great photos! The zonata is my absolut favorite when it comes to the look.

          By the way, I haven't checked in the english talking boards for a while, I have to ask you, do you still have Jumbo swimming around somewhere? I loved every photo you posted of that jag!

          Personally I'm still in search for a jag like that. The jaguar is my favorite species by far when it comes to the behaviour, but I haven't had the luck to find one with both the looks and the behaviour that I want just yet.
          Fredrik Isaksson