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Idag i Fishroom 6/15/11 ~ Hericthys labridens "Media Luna"

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  • Rivulatus
    Stunning pictures Jeff! As always.


  • DaRe
    Great lookikng fish no doubt!


  • HåE
    Those Hericthys labridens look amazing. What a beautiful fish.


  • Aquamojo
    I have two of these beautiful blue cichlids in a 300 gallon tank with a dozen Metynsis, a single A. Nourisati and a handful of Convicts. The male is about 10" the female about 8". They have bred once or twice, but the Metynsis ate the fry. They're getting better at their parenting skills as they go on. I did have five in the tank, but after they paired off they very quietly killed two of the other females. I gave the other male to a friend. I've seen a few others who have the fish, but none that I have seen that are this blue.

    Here's the male:

    And the female:

    Here's one of the Metynsis...M. Shombourgi, Mylosomma durivente right behind with some impressive dentition.


  • Idag i Fishroom 6/15/11 ~ Hericthys labridens "Media Luna"

    This is one of three yellow labridens in my collection. This particular male shares a 180 gallon tank with two females and an assortment of smaller (juvenile) target fish (Metynsis, a few Hogaboomorum, and a lone Freddie). For the most part the fish is rather shy. in order to get these photos I turned all but their tank lights off. I moved back about twenty feet into the shadow and using a zoom lens, got the shots.

    One of the tricks that I use to lure the fish into the flash set up is to drop a couple pieces of food into the area that I want them to swim. Not enough to feed them, but just enough to tease them into looking for more. In the wild the Labridens hunt for snails in the muddy bottom. They are used to sifting the debris to get to the food.

    Most of my fish are large...and I feed them accordingly While this boy is big enough to eat (and does on occasion) the 9mm Xtreme Monster pellet...I also feed them a much smaller pellet, ensuring to put enough on the bottom...letting them do as they do in the wild. Here he is getting ready to pick up pellets off the bottom.

    All in, it's really a very pretty fish. I have a few other photos that I will add to this post later. One of the interesting shots shows the color variation between the dominant female and the bride in waiting.

    Three quick photos of the H. labridens. They are in the process of breeding again. Soon the female will turn that beautiful bumblebee shades of yellow and black.

    This particularly beautiful fish is a wild caught Hericthys labridens "yellow" caught in the canals outside of Media Luna Mexico. Unfortunately the fish has almost been cross bred out of existence with the Carpinte "Rio Verde". This is a large male and one of three fish.

    There are two female Labridens in the 180 gallon tank. In the wild dominant males out of breeding dress will assume this blue coloration. In the wild you won't see females get this coloration. However in an aquarium it apparently does. Very unusual behavior.